About Granite Remnant Store

Granite Remnant Store was created with one simple concept in mind…..VALUE.

As the owners of countertop manufacturing and installation facilities since 1993, we have observed discrepancies within our industry.  In many cases, large volume customers receive a good deal, while the single home, remodeler, or small top customers do not.  For instance, someone choosing a high quality stone is sometimes forced to buy unneeded waste, which inflates the cost; someone as well could be led to a sub standard or stone from China just to meet a low price.  In most cases we can help with both of the above scenarios.  Because our parent company has the most fully automated, all digital factory for fabricating natural stone in the state of Texas, and because we have partnerships’ with over 30 other fabrication facilities throughout the United States, we are able to help you locate the highest quality stone for the best value possible. Most all of our natural stone inventory is backed by the Artisan Lifetime Warranty.

So whether you are in the market for natural granite, marble, travertine, or quartz for an entire house or a small antique table you will get a great VALUE because in most cases you will “Buy only what you need”.

No need to search through large slab yards or stone remnants piled up somewhere.  Let our experts search through our extensive digital inventory of slabs, partial slabs, and remnants to find exactly what you are looking for.

Please visit Granite Remnant Store showroom at 1709 N. Central Expressway in Plano, Texas or call 972-578-1329.

"Buy only what you need"